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Temporary Exhibition -Basarabia - 100 Years from Union with Romania-

Event schedule: 29 martie - 30 iunie 2018

The National History Museum of Romania (MNIR) announces the opening of the temporary exhibition "Bessarabia - 100 Years from Union with Romania". The opening will take place on Thursday, March 29 th, starting at 13:00, at the museum headquarters in Calea Victoriei nr. 12, sector 3, Bucharest.

The public who will visit this exhibition will have the opportunity to meditate on the essential documents by which the Bessarabian Romanians expressed freely, firmly and democratically in the years 1917-1918 the aspirations of recognizing the legitimate rights to decide on their own fate, as an indigenous and majority population in the territory between the Prut, the Dniester and the Black Sea. The visitors will be able to understand the extraordinary action of the political and intellectual elites of the Romanians in the old Kingdom, to capitalize on a huge and unique historical opportunity and to support the Bessarabian citizens to join the country. The steps taken by the Romanians from what was left of the national territory are all the more worthy of being appreciated, since they came from that small Romania, reduced only to a part of the territory of Moldova on the right of the Prut river, which itself faces problems of life and death, caught between the tentacles of the Central Powers, the Bolshevik gangs and Ukrainian nationalists, isolated by the Allies.

The crushing vote of the Country Council of March 27 / April 9, 1918, the representative, democratically elected body of all the inhabitants of Bessarabia, is and will remain eloquent for centuries for the true desire of the Romanians and other ethnicities in the Prut-Nistru region, the body of Moldavia by the Russian Empire in 1812. And today, 100 years after those historical moments, supported by the undisputed truth of the documents, we can say to the world: Yes! The Romanians between Prut and Nistru wanted "Bessarabia to unite with his mother, Romania"!

The unification of Bessarabia with Romania was the first stone at the foundation of the building of the national unity of Romania, an edifice built on the community of language, culture and history, cemented by blood rivers and tears. This first union was a great work of several generations, for the success of which the politicians, soldiers and officers, intellectuals and ordinary citizens from both sides of the Prut, who were joined by the Romanian volunteers from Transylvania and Bucovina, all convinced that historical justice is on their side. In a way, it was a rehearsal for the series of "unions" that will mark that unique historical year of the Romanians - 1918.

On this occasion, today's visitor will appreciate the role of the intellectuals raised by the Bessarabian Romanians: teachers, teachers, priests, writers, lawyers, economists, doctors, men and women, people with left or right political ideas, Republicans or Monarchs, but all animated by the idea of ​​defending the rights of Romanians in this land to national dignity and social justice.

Source: mnir.ro