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The Transylvania (or Transylvanian) region is a historical and geographical region located within the Carpathian arch, the historical region of Romania. Following the appearance of the Dracula novel, published in 1897 by Bram Stoker, Transylvania was associated with vampires and the genre of horror films in general.

In the broad sense, Transylvania designates the territory to the west of the Eastern Carpathians and north of the Southern Carpathians, including Banat. Transylvania is a high plateau, separated south from Muntenia through the chain of the Southern Carpathians and east of Moldova through the Eastern Carpathians. On the territory of Transylvania are the counties: Alba, Bistrita Nasaud, Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj, Covasna, Harghita, Hunedoara, Mures and Salaj.

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