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Vrancea is a county in the historical regions of Moldova (north of the Milcov River) and Muntenia (south of the Milcov River) in Romania. The county has an area of ​​4,886 km², and the residence is the city of Focsani. Main water courses: Siret (between Adjud and Namoloasa), Susna, Putna, Milcov, Ramnicu Sarat (from Ciorasti until its return to Siret). The highest altitudes are Lacaut (1776 m) and Goru (1784 m). Neighboring counties: in the northeast Vaslui county, in the east Galati county, southeastern Braila county, southern Buzau county, west Covasna county, northern Bacau county. Vrancea County is between 45 ° 23 'and 46 ° 11' north latitude and 26 ° 23 'east longitude and 27 ° 32' eastern longitude, located in the southeastern part of the country at the curvature of the Oriental Carpathians.

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