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The county is situated on the Barlad River, crossing the southern and southeast sides of the Central Moldavian Plateau, and in the central part lies the Collages of Tutova and the Falci Hills, divisions of the Barlad Plateau - part of the Moldavian Plateau. It is part of the North-East region, including the counties of Bacau, Botosani, Iasi, Neamt and Suceava. The relief is made up of hills and broad valleys, oriented mostly north-south. Maximum altitude: 485 m - Mangaralei Hill in the northwest and 425 m - Cetatuii Hill, in the north-east. The average altitude is 250-350 m. The minimum altitude is 10 m in Prut's meadow. The climate is temperate-continental with excessive shades, characterized by warm summers and dry summers and cold winters. Temperatures range between 8 ° C and 9.8 ° C and relatively low rainfall.

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