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Valcea County is an administrative unit located in the south of Romania. Valcea County covers an area of ​​5,765 sq. Km and borders the counties of Alba and Sibiu to the north, the county of Arges to the east, the county of Olt to the south and southeast, Dolj county to the southwest, Gorj County to the west and Hunedoara county to northwest. The county seat is the city of Ramnicu Valcea. From an administrative point of view, Valcea County is divided into 2 municipalities, 9 cities and 78 communes. Through its geographic location, Valcea County benefits from almost all the major relief forms: mountains, subcarpathian hills, plateaus and plains, arranged in steps from north to south, integrated by the gorges of Olt and Lotrului, guarded by the Cozia Mountains Capatans, Fagaras, Lotru and Parang. Here, among the mountain massifs, there is one of the largest intra-mountain depressions in the county, known as the Loviste country.

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Babeni - 1 attractions


Baile Govora - 0 attractions

Baile Govora

Baile Olanesti - 2 attractions

Baile Olanesti

Balcesti - 0 attractions


Berbesti - 0 attractions


Brezoi - 0 attractions


Calimanesti - 4 attractions


Dragasani - 0 attractions


Horezu - 4 attractions


Ocnele Mari - 0 attractions

Ocnele Mari

Ramnicu Valcea - 1 attractions

Ramnicu Valcea