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Dolj is a county located in the south-west of the historical Oltenia region of Romania, located in the most fertile and fruitful area of ​​the Danube Plain, in an area that has, over time, offered climatic conditions and especially the soil More favorable. Its residence is Craiova. Archaeological discoveries have revealed that the territory of the Dolj has been inhabited since the Paleolithic era. The first documentary mention date back to 1444, under the name of Balta County, located in the Danube Plain and stretched from Balta Blahnita, located today in the territory of Mehedinti County, to the current village Doljana, Bistret. Recent discoveries (May 2003) have revealed that the town of Craiova, the capital of the county, besides the ancient name Pelendava, wore in the 7th-8th centuries the Latin name Ponsiona (bridge over Jiu), a name found on an inscription found on a fragment Of the star near the Pelendava Castle, dating back to the 7th century.

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