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Historical sources prove that since the Middle Paleolithic the culture bearers found shelter in Gorj. The first administrative-territorial unit documented on the current territory of the county was Jales County. The territory of Gorj county was part of the historical region of Northern Oltenia. This county has long been a distinct administrative unit. From the tenth century to the thirteenth century, the county was a distinct part of the political party led by Litovoi. Only at the end of the fifteenth century can Gorj be spoken as a county. Gorj county is located in the south-western part of Romania, along the Jiu River. It is limited by counties: Dolj (southeast), Mehedinti (southwest), Caras-Severin (northwest), Hunedoara (north) and Valcea (east). At the level of Gorj County, during the 12 days of the census, 155,695 homes and 345,771 people were reviewed.

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