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It is a county in the Transylvania region of Romania. It was founded in 1968 by the territorial reorganization of Mures-Autonomous Region and Brasov Region (from Reghin, Targu Mures, Ludus, Tarnaveni and Sighisoara). Most of today's county was part of the Mures County (interwar), Mures-Turda County (pre-war), and earlier in the Szekler Chair of Mures, the Saxon Chair of Sighisoara and the Turda County. From the point of view of traditional culture, the present county is part of several distinct ethno-folk and historical areas, such as the Szeklerland, the Creeping Earth, etc. The cultural, educational and economic center of the county is the municipality of Targu Mures. It has a total area of ​​6,714 km², which represents 2.8% of the country's total area. The county's name comes from Mures River, which crosses the county from NE to SV.

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Iernut - 0 attractions


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Miercurea Nirajului - 0 attractions

Miercurea Nirajului

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Sangeorgiu de Padure - 0 attractions

Sangeorgiu de Padure

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Targu Mures

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