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It is a county located in southern Transylvania in the same name, north of the Southern Carpathians, in Romania. The county seat is the city of Sibiu. Sibiu County borders in the east with Brasov County, west and southwest with Alba, south-east with Arges, south with Valcea, and with Mures County in the north. Sibiu County has a continental-moderate climate with temperature differences depending on the relief forms, so annual average temperatures oscillate at 9.4 degrees on the Olt valley and fall below 0 degrees on Negoiu peak. Annual average rainfall amounts are 650 mm. In the depression area and climb over 1,300 mm. In the mountainous area.

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Agnita - 5 attractions


Avrig - 7 attractions


Cisnadie - 4 attractions


Copsa Mica - 1 attractions

Copsa Mica

Dumbraveni - 2 attractions


Medias - 8 attractions


Miercurea Sibiului - 2 attractions

Miercurea Sibiului

Ocna Sibiului - 2 attractions

Ocna Sibiului

Saliste - 2 attractions


Sibiu - 11 attractions


Talmaciu - 3 attractions