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It is a county of Romania located in Transylvania. It was established in 1968 by the territorial reorganization of the regions of Cluj, Hunedoara, Brasov and Mures-Autonoma Maghiara (from Alba Iulia, Sebes, Campeni, Aiud and certain parts of the districts of Tarnaveni and Medias). Most of today's county was part of Alba and Sibiu (interwar) counties, Alba de Jos and Sibiu counties (pre-war), respectively from the Aries Szekler Chair and the Sebes Saxon Chair. From the point of view of the traditional culture, the present county is made up of parts of different ethno-folkloric areas: Motilor country, Mokan country, Szeklerland and Creeping Earth. The county seat is Alba Iulia with 63,536 inhabitants. The county has an area of ​​6,242 km² and a population of 342,376 inhabitants. It borders the Cluj and Mures counties in the north, Sibiu to the east, Hunedoara to the southwest, Valcea to the south and Arad and Bihor to the northwest.

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Alba Iulia

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Baia de Aries

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Ocna Mures

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