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Botosani County is located in North-East Romania. The county seat is the municipality of Botosani. It has a population of 412,626 inhabitants and an area of ??4,986 sq. Km.

It borders on the north and east with Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova (the former Basarabian province). In the south there is the county of Iasi, and in the west the county of Suceava (the county border on the Siret river).

The territory of the county, which is entirely in the hilly area of ​​Northern Moldavia, shows relatively low altitudes: the Siret hills, higher in the west and in the northern Moldavian Plain, and the low hills in the East, with characteristics typical of the Moldavian Plateau. As an altitude, the relief varies between 587m in the Dealu Mare Tudora area and 54m in the Prut meadow. The relief is mostly protruding, representing broad valleys, smooth platforms and low slopes.

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