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Dambovita is a county in the Muntenia region of Romania, with residence in Targoviste (population of the city: 89,000). The terrain is arranged in three steps of relief, which follows from north to south on a level difference of approx. 2400 m; These are made up of mountains (9%), hills (41%) and plains (50%). Separated from the low plain to the highest peaks of the Bucegi Mountains, the relief of Dambovita County presents a great diversity of landscaping. The succession of the relief steps carries both the footprint of the geological and physiological factors, which have actively participated in their formation and evolution. The oldest and highest relief unit, located in the northern part of the county, is formed by the Leaota and Bucegi Mountains. The first massif, made up of crystalline shale, differs as morphology from the Bucegi Mountains, whose composition is predominantly limestone, sandstone and conglomerate. Subcarpathians make up the second relief.

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