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Tulcea County is situated at the extremity of E-SE of Romania, in the central-northern part of Dobrogea, at the mouth of the Danube, with exit to the Black Sea (in E), on the border with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine (in N), limited by counties Galati (NV), Braila (V) and Constanta (S), at the intersection of the parallel 45 ° latitude N with the meridian of 29 ° longitude E. On the territory of the county lies the extreme east of Romania, respectively 29 ° 41'24 E, at Sulina The total area is 8499 kmp (3,56% of the country's surface), the 4th place on the country, after Timis, Suceava and Caras-Severin County From the total surface of the county 3446 kmp represents the surface of the wetlands From the Danube Delta and Razim Sinoie Lagoon Complex. Situated between the Danube and the Black Sea, the territory of Tulcea County had a historical evolution closely linked to that of Dobrogea, a trade-friendly region that was often in the attention of the great powers.

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