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Moldova is, on the historical plane, a region of Eastern Europe, Romanian on the cultural and linguistic plane, now divided politically between three states: Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine. In modern Romania, Moldova is the northeastern region of the country, comprising the territory that remained in the Principality of Moldavia following the loss in 1775 of the north-west country from then to Bucovina and 1812 of the eastern half of the Principality, then called Bessarabia. Herţa is a territory in the region of Moldova today, included in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine.

Counties: Iasi County - Vaslui County - Galati County - Botosani County - Neamt County - Bacau County - Vrancea County - Suceava County

Cities: Iasi - Vaslui - Galati - Botosani - Piatra Neamt - Bacău - Focsani - Fălticeni - Husi - Onesti

Rivers: Prut - Siret - Bistrita - Milcov


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