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Hunedoara is a county located in Transylvania, Romania. The county is part of the West Development Region and its residence is the city of Deva. The first human settlements in the land of Hunedoara date back to Paleolithic ten thousand years ago. From Neolithic there are many traces of Starcevo-Cris culture, the ancient culture, one of the oldest neolithic cultures in Europe. The "Turdas" culture is represented by the largest traces of habitation (at Nandru Valley, near Hunedoara, about 10 ha). This culture probably used for the first time writing, over a thousand years before the Sumerians. The "Petresti" cultures (4500-5000 years ago) and "Cotofeni" (the period for the first extraction of copper and gold), then "Bronze Age", "The Age of Iron" Finally - "The Age If".

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