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Constanta County is the most urbanized county in Romania, the population living in cities has 506,458 inhabitants, with a total population of 630,679 inhabitants. Also, Constanta County ranks 5th among counties in terms of Romania's GDP contribution, respectively 21.73 billion lei. The county is situated in the extreme SE of Romania. North is separated from Tulcea County by a conventional line between the Danube and the Black Sea crossing the Casimcea Plateau and Razim, Zmeica and Sinoe). The South is bordered by the Romanian-Bulgarian state border crossing the South Dobrogea Plateau between Ostrov (west) and Vama Veche (east). At the West - the Danube River divides Constanta County from Calarasi, Ialomita and Braila counties, flowing along the high bank of Dobrogea. In the East - between Gura Portita and Vama Veche, the Dobrogean plateau is bathed by the Black Sea.

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