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Through this site we aim to identify and present to the whole world everything worth visiting in Romania: museums, memorial houses, castles, fortresses, nature reserves, resorts, amusement parks, Ski slopes, lakes, waterfalls, etc. and, of course, hotels, hostels, restaurants, bars and cafes.

The site is divided into the historical regions of Romania: Maramures, Bucovina, Moldova, Dobrogea, Muntenia, Transilvania, Oltenia, Banat and Crisana. For each region we present the component counties with a short description and all that can be visited in each county. To view the posts in each region, choose the county on the map, and then on the county page, using interactive map, you can view all points of interest in that county, including hotels, hostels, bars, cafes and restaurants.

All points of interest (including hotels, hostels, bars, cafes and restaurants) in each county are added according to the nearest city.

Regiunea Oltenia
Regiunea Muntenia
Muntenia - Dobrogea
Regiunea Transilvania
Regiunea Maramures
Regiunea Banat
Banat - Crisana
Regiunea Moldova

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